标题: 【转贴】从PrisonBreak看美式口语[Season 1]


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【转贴】从PrisonBreak看美式口语[Season 1]

从prisonbreak看美式口语[season 1]

从prisonbreak看美式口语[season 1]i believe in being part of the solution,not the problem.我喜欢解决问题而不是制造问题。

i mean,at some point,we gotta pull the trigger on this thing.有些时候,事情还是抓紧点的好。

our relationship transcends race.我们的关系超越种族。不知道是否暗示michael自己是超级混血人种?

i’m not really following what you’re saying.不懂你在说什么。我们一般怎么说来着?i can't catch ur mean?

in the old man’s back pocket,are you? 有这老家伙罩着,是不是?

is he cool with it? 不介意吗?

have a little faith. 有一点点信心。偶最喜欢的一句,经常出现在pb中。

just stick with me. 这句话的意思是“相信我”。

a man's down,you give him your hand. scofield对他哥哥说滴那句,以前是母亲教他的。

nice choice. 眼光不错。做生意滴时候可以用这句夸夸老外,呵呵。

just what we agreed on. 就事先约定的。 这句简洁明了,我已经在工作中用上了。

all right,i feel you. 好吧,我明白你。 那个时候我用这句跟印度阿三和埃及妞说,她们居然听不懂,郁闷噢~~~

put your cards on the table. 摊牌摊牌!

most guys, you know, for the first one, they start with something small. 你知道,大多数人在纹身初始都是些小的。

"mom", girlfriend's initials, something like that. 比如妈妈啊,女友姓名缩写什么的。

not you. 但你不同。

you get a full set of sleeves, all in a couple of months.你在几个月时间里把整个都挂上了。

takes guys a few years to get the ink you got. 一些人要花几年时间搞上去。

i don't have a few years. 我可没几年时间。

this is the police. you are completely surrounded. 我们是警察,你已经被完全包围了。我大概这辈子用不上这句了。

my client's a bit confused at the moment.我客人现在有点困惑。前几天偶就听偶客人对偶说过这句话。

perhaps you should heed your representation's advice,take some additional time to consider your response. 偶很稀饭这句话滴,经常在邮件里面对老外说,嘻嘻。

we've been over this. 我不想再谈这事了。偶真滴很想对那些烦人的印度阿三说这句话。

why won't you let me help you?

no more talking in line. 感叹于美式英语的简洁明了啊~~


name and back number. 名字和号码。

- scofield, michael. 94941.

are you a religious man, scofield? 你是个基督教徒吗?

never really thought about it. 从来没真正想过。

good, 'cause the ten commandments don't mean a box of piss in here.很好,因为十诫在这里就是狗屎。老美一般把because缩写成'cause。

we got two commandments and two only.在这里我们只有两条戒律。

the first commandment is you got nothing coming.

what's the second commandment?

see commandment number one.

gotcha.明白了。这个是got you的缩写,真棒啊。

- you wanna talk about it? wanna=want to

- woods got the weight pile. weight pile翻译成重量器械,不清楚怎么来的。

- the guards are the dirtiest gang in this whole place. 警卫是这个地方最肮脏的。gang在美语里面有帮派的意思,字典里面一般只能查到“一群”这个意思。

p.i=prison industry. 本电视剧的特有名词,第一次听到以为是形式发票(proforma invoice),汗~~~

- why you wanna see burrows so bad anyhow?为什么你如此想见burrows?

- beat it. 走开,离开,去你的!

- maybe you ought to hear what i got to say. ought to=should

- i got news for you. 这句口语超级实用,给老外打电话的时候寒暄完就开始说这句。

- "trust me" means absolutely zero inside those walls. “相信我”在这里代表狗屁。

- we're all clear on the burrows execution. 我们都很清楚burrows的死刑。

- we gotta make a decision sooner or later, you know.sooner or later=迟早

- are you putting this off?你要推迟吗?

- i mean, are you having second thoughts?我的意思是,你是不是改变主意了?

- and i want to be your wife.我想成为你的妻子。女孩子可以跟男孩子去说这句了,呵呵。

- magna cum laude, in fact.俚语,引申意为优等生。

- my wife is quite fond of the story.我妻子非常喜爱这个故事。

- come june, it's our 40th anniversary.即将来临的6月份是我们第四十个结婚纪念日。

- it's all gonna come down like a house of cards.come down=倒塌,a house of cards=纸做的房子,不牢靠的计划。

- that's where i was hoping you could be of assistance.那就是我所希望你能帮助的地方。

- and it'll keep you off the yard. keep off=远离

- i'll take my chances. 我会试一下的,take one's chance=碰运气。

- there's a better way. 有更好的办法。

- that won't stop it. it'll only delay it.不会停止只会延迟。

- if the inmate appeals to me for intervention,how can i turn my back on him? appeals to =呼吁,要求,上诉;turn one's back on=背弃,抛弃。

- he was really sweet. 他人很好。

- men and women can't be friends.男人和女人不可能成为朋友。 这句可以跟女朋友说。

- can you get it for me, or not?

- can't be done... 不行。

- i'll pass. 通不过?这个不知道怎么解释,但是是拒绝的意思。

- well, for everyone's sake. 为了每个人着想。

- are you sure? positive. 你确信?当然。positive这个词也是经常用的。

- uh, what's up. 啊,怎么了?这个美语里很常见,通常黑人都说wassup,man.超级顺口。

- it was the only way i could go through with it. go through with=完成,把...进行到底。

- you've told me a thousand... 你已经告诉我n遍了... ...

i was set up! 我是被陷害的!

- a couple of days ago. 几天以前。

- she was under the impression that the guy was innocent. 她认为那个人是无罪的。be under the impression that=认为,觉得。

- i'm looking for crab simmons. are you related? 我在找crab simmons,你和他有关系吗?

- a man's life is at stake, and maybe your son can help him. 有个人现在生命垂危,或许你儿子能帮他。 at stake=危险

- crab can't help nobody, lady. crab不能帮助任何人。这里偶不是很明白,为什么后面不是anybody涅?以前碰到过很多滴类似情况,qiuvictor版主能否解释下?

- just want you to know i'm coming for you.只想让你知道我是为你而来的。come for=为某种目的而来;向...冲来。

- but average glucose for the non-diabetic is about 100 milligrams per deciliter 但是非糖尿病患者的平均葡萄糖值只有大概每1/10公升100毫克。glucose=葡萄糖,non-diabetic=非糖尿病的。为什么我无法把音标贴上来,一贴就变样啊?

- you seem nervous seem=象是,似乎。
- i do? 是吗?
- you're sweating.你在出汗。
- never really got used to them. got used to=习惯于

you got to stop listening to these people,they're poisoning your brain.your hormone things-they're out of whack. 你要停止去听那些人的话,他们在毒害你的思想,你的荷尔蒙失衡了,它们影响了你。
verse 20. 第20行。

"as soon as possible" is not a specific time. "尽快"不是一个确切的时间。这句偶经常对老外说,因为样品来不及做噢~~~

it's for your own good. 这是为你好。

don't hang up. 不要挂断。

say hi to him for me,will you. 替我向他问好,好吧?

i love you more. 我也爱你。这下知道人家对你说这句话的时候怎么应答了吧?

alternating current,direct current. 交流电,直流电。

my brother is scheduled to die. 我哥哥将被处死。

there are strict department of corrections guidelines that govern every aspect of an execution. 司法部有严格的守则包括行刑的每个细节。 偶经常把他改为there are strict rules and regulations in every company that govern every aspect of an execution. 在这里主要是用在客人要偶寄样,但是偶要收费,对方不同意,于是偶就来这句话了。

i ain't mad at you. 我不怪你。 “不怪你”原来是酱紫说滴啊。

i am the last person in the world that my father listens to. 我是我父亲最不想听的人。

can i ask a favor? 能求你件事吗? 我们是不是一般说 could you do sth for me?

if we don’t get him on board, there’s not going to be any digging in that cell and if there’s no digging in that cell…then there’s no escape. get on board上船,上车,这里引申为搞到一伙。


sucre: mrs. delgado, how you doin? it’s fernando. delgado女士,你近来好吧?

sorry to bother you at home, but you know what is up with maricruzs cell phone? it keeps going straight to voice mail. 抱歉打扰你,但你知道maricruzs的手机怎么了吗?打过去一直是语音信箱。

mrs. delgado: so maybe she has it turned off. 也许她关机了。

sucre: any chance you know where she is? 你能知道她在哪吗?

mrs. delgado: i know exactly where she is. 我确切知道她在哪。

sucre: and that would be? 那会是哪里?

mrs. delgado: with hector. 和hector在一起。

he is not around. 他现在不在。 接老外电话的时候可以用噢,不要再说he is not in office at the present time.了,这句话可是很地道的。


everything's not how it looks,michael. 事情不是看上去那样的。


i may be social,but that's a boundaryline even i won't cross. 这句话出现在大伙看到狱中一不男不女的家伙,然后。。。。。。
social=爱社交的,爱交际的 boundaryline=边界,这里引申为底线。


i put my blood into this,and it's coming apart. 我注入了所有的心血,结果却功亏一篑。come apart=崩溃,破裂;put into=在...上种植,使进入。

belllick的经典句子: don’t play stupid with me. i’m giving you a chance to save your precious conjugals. you lie to me, they’re gone and their never comin back. 别把我当傻瓜耍。 precious=宝贵的,珍爱的,贵重的;conjugal=结婚的,夫妇间的,这里引申为sucre的夫妻探房机会。gone=离去的,死去的。

couldn’t put my finger on it until he went outside. put the finger on=告发

alright, just give me a moment to type this up. type up=打成定稿

if you file a report, things could get a lot worse for me. file=提出(申请等)


when i was young, i couldn’t sleep at night. 我小的时候,晚上总无法入睡。
because i thought there was a monster in the closet. 因为我想壁橱里藏着怪物。
but my brother told me there wasn’t anything in the closet but fear. 但我哥哥告诉我除了恐惧没有任何东西。
and fear wasn’t real. he said it wasn’t made of anything just…air. 恐惧不是真实的。他说那只是空气而已。
not even that. he said you just have to face it. 他说你必须去面对他才行。
you just have to open that closet and the monster would disappear. 你只是需要打开橱柜,然后你会发现怪物消失了。

brother sounds like a smart man. 看来你哥哥是聪明的人。 这个sound like经常出现,例如this sound like a question about a person's health.听上去像在问别人的健康。

michael: thanks, but i think i’d like to face the monsters on my own. on one's own=独自地,独立地

sounds great. i really appreciate you coming by. 听上去很不错。很感谢你的拜访。 come by=经过

do you have a card agent kellerman? card=名片 真是流畅啊~~

don’t hesitate to call. 给我打电话千万别犹豫。 这句太经典了,我给老外打电话最后就说这句,哈哈。

abruzzi: we could cut off all his limbs, he still wouldn’t talk. pain’s not the answer here. cut off=切断,断绝;limb=肢,翼,分支

what does it look like i’m doing? i’m rolling it up. 我看上去像在干吗?我在收拾东西走人。 roll up=卷起,到达,出现

i’m trying to make amends here. bygones be bygones.you’re a mercurial man john. 过去的事情就过去了。约翰你是个善变的男人。 bygone=过去的事,过去的;mercurial=活泼善变的,水星的

i’ll tell you soon enough. 我很快就会告诉你。soon enough=很快的 这句也很实用,偶稀饭啊。

abruzzi: if not, you’re a corpse. so you better cut the crap and tell me the exact date and time so i can start making the arrangements. 如果不是这样,你就成尸体了。所以你最好停止说废话,告诉我具体准确的时间,然后我就能安排了。 cut the crap= 停止废话

how have you been? 类似how are you


veronica: maybe we could postpone it. look i can’t do this right now. my head’s not in it, it’s supposed to be a celebration. postpone=推迟,延迟

sebastian: if you’re really telling me you want to postpone this thing then i wanna cancel it. wanna=want to 想要,希望,超级常用滴美式口语缩写

veronica:sebastian i’m sorry.

sebastian: i’ll come get my stuff tomorrow. stuff这里指sebastian自己的东西 [s:228]

bellick: you gotta problem with that? cause if you do, feel free to drop it in my suggestion box. feel free=随便,尽管 做外贸的xdjm一定对这个词组很熟悉吧?

i thought you said the margin for error was zero days. margin for error=出错的可能性

yup. 是的(美语里的肯定答复)。

officer bellick is in charge of transfers. be in charge of=管理

unless there’s evidence of violence or sexual predation between cellmates those kind of requests fall on deaf ears around here. violence=暴力;sexual predation=性侵犯;fall on deaf ears=置若罔闻

you know, just going over some files. go over=仔细检查

you’re early. let’s go eat. 你来得真早,我们去吃饭吧。

last time you came here, you called me a liar. call在这里是“称呼”的意思

she’s missing. i think that the secret service got to her. miss=失踪;get to=接触到,对...有影响;secret service=特务机关,联邦情报局

do you know what we’re up against? up against=面临

abruzzi: hey fish.you making any progress? 有进展吗?

because he’s been trying to get into your pants since the minute we started dating that’s why. pants=裤子,短裤;date=约会。 这句话可以形容好多滴男人噢,呵呵

you know i can’t get pregnant until i’m married. 你知道直到结婚我都不能怀孕。

we’re gonna get married in sixteen months. 注意这个用法。

i’m well aware of that. be well aware of=很清楚,很了解,深知

and i have to decide which cases we’re going to devote our very limited resources to. limited resource=有限的资源

i will do all of the leg work, but since i don’t have any experience in death penalty cases i’m simply asking you to point me in the right direction. leg work=跑腿的工作;注意后面point的用法。

hey! have you seen my toothpaste? toothpaste=牙膏

i was freakin out, tryin to figure out what happened. then i saw the bloody pants in the tub. freak out=发疯;figure out=想出,查出;tub=浴盆

and, my lord, if he wasn't the spitting image of his daddy. spitting image=简直一模一样的人

i just have a little unfinished work to take care of. 通俗语句,超级实用哎。

um, split when i was young. split=离开,分离

siblings? 兄弟,姐妹,同胞

i can't just hand out original copies of evidence. hand out=把...拿出来;original copy=正本,原本

man can't just vanish, deputy. vanish=消失不见

this is ridiculous! ridiculous=荒谬的,可笑的 记得上次被一客人骂样机做了三个礼拜,this is really ridiculous !!! if sample is taking 3 weeks then the order will take 3 years to finish or what ??? 555。。。

i think it's time we stop beating around the bush. beat around the bush=拐弯抹角地说话,东拉西扯 这句话在谈判时可以用,不过请慎重

i know you wanted to work with no distractions, so don't pick up. distractions=分心,分心的事物;pick up=接电话

do you want to tell me why you haven't returned any of my phone calls? 注意注意~~~

my old man was an abusive drunk who abandoned his family. old man=父亲,丈夫;abandoned=被抛弃的,自甘堕落的

there's environmental issues, allergies, religious requirements, take your pick.
take your pick=挑你喜欢的;太难的不实用滴一些词偶就不写了。

the problem with your eyes is that they play tricks on you. play tricks on=捉弄

look, it's coming up on 5:00.what do you say we call it a day? come up=走近,发生,流行; call it a day=今日到此为止 call it a day也是很地道滴句子,呼呼~~

you know, teddy, you really let me down. let sb down=让某人失望

about how your daddy raped his mongoloid sister,and then nine months later,little teddy pops out. rape=强奸,掠夺;mongoloid=先天性痴呆,愚笨的,蒙古人的;老外居然把蒙古人想的那么笨? pop out=原意突然出现,奔出,这里比喻诞生,降生 例如she fear her eyes may actually pop out of their socket. 她害怕她的眼睛会真的从眼窝里瞪出来。

the piglets are scared of the big bad wolf. piglet=小猪;be scared of=害怕 这句话很有意思噢,呵呵

disturbance? that's what you're calling a riot nowadays? disturbance=骚乱; riot=暴乱,骚乱;nowadays=现在 现在的句型还真是多啊,呼呼

what do you say we go for a walk? 我们去散个步你说怎么样?

i've been going over the incident. go over=仔细检查;incident=事件

we'll be burned alive. 我们会被活活烧死。

burrows is as good as dead. as good as=和...一样

since things jumped off. jump off=开始

you got things backwards, pervert. 倒退;反常

at any rate, we land,we meet my guy,and even if we don't find the person who tipped off the cops, we find his phone. 这句要好好看噢~~ at any rate=无论如何;even if=即使;tip off=向...泄露

but not to worry, we're making good progress with our contacts. 可以跟客人说这句,放心,放心~~~

she had to throw that dress in the trash can behind the motel. trash can=垃圾桶

the disturbance has escalate. disturbance=骚乱;escalate=逐步上升

with an egg beater? egg beater=鸡蛋搅拌机 健身滴应该索对这个很熟悉吧?

you should never underestimate a wall. underestimate=低估

i appreciate your support. 不一定要用help哦

these inmates don't mess around. inmates=特指在医院、监狱的室友;mess around=浪费时间

i'm gonna crawl out that hole and call me up a limousine.crawl out =爬出;limousine=豪华轿车

they're sharpshooters, michael. sharpshooter=神枪手

cop auction. 300 bucks. auction=拍卖;bucks=元(这个是美国口语里的,就好像我们的“块”)

i was tense. i was just... tense=紧张的

next time you bad-mouth me to one of my superiors,there are going to be serious consequences. bad-mouth=苛刻批评;superior=上级

we'd never assign inmates to do that. assign=分配,指派

we're locked up, fish, and your boy is in solitary. locked up=被锁上;solitary=孤独的

you want to give me a hand? 你要帮我一把吗? 可不要理解为给偶一只手啊,呵呵。

it was a misunderstanding. misunderstanding=误会,理解,这个是名词

okay, but if you need anything...
trust me. you'll be the first person i call. 这句很实用,好不客气滴跟老外说吧~~

if there's a precedent in there somewhere that can help us suspend lincoln's execution, we're gonna find it. precedent=先例;suspend=延缓

i would say lucasz was sweet on you. be sweet on=迷恋上;口语里常用句

now move on to the second thing. move on=继续前进

flight 305 was hijacked. hijack=劫机 这个多用于飞机被劫持

'cause i'm not the one in possession of it. in possession of=拥有,持有

might make for a pretty rough landing. rough landing=硬着陆

how we just walked away from there without even calling the police. walk away=从......旁边走开

michael, i'm grateful for this. grateful=感激 不一定要用appreciate或者thanks噢

if we can get rubber cement in the bottom of that coffeepot, when the burner goes on... coffeepot=咖啡壶

32 years without a blemish. blemish=污点,剧中指犯罪记录

well then... 英语里滴“那么”

burrows, the police have instructed me that this is an ongoing investigation, and as such, any contact you make with your son could potentially aid and abet him as a fugitive. instruct=指示,通知;ongoing=正在进行的;as such=同样地;abet=教唆;fugitive=逃亡者 这个fugitive让我想起3年前的铁锤男马**鸟... ...恐怖啊~~~

well, i'm in a quandary. be in a quandary=左右为难 这个也不错,好用。老外一还价你后面可以考虑这句话了

they found his prints on the murder weapon. prints=剧中指“指纹”

doesn't ring a bell. 没印象。 没印象居然是这么说滴。。。

how much you asking?how much you got? 你开价多少?你出价多少?

got a deal. 成交吗? 然后你可以回答说:deal. 成交!这样一笔单子就成啦,呵呵

are you insane? insane=患精神病的,极愚蠢的

i shouldn't have to chase you down to get that information. 我不该让你去追踪那条信息的。

why don't you just take a step back? 你为什么不能退一步?

unless you want to go back on our deal. 除非你不想做这笔交易。

be in touch. 保持联系。

if you try to screw me over again,i'll kill you. 如果你再陷害我,我会杀了你。

that's half a gino. 那是500块。

renegotiation. 重新谈判,重新商议。

what you gave me was a down payment. 你刚才给我的是订金。

if you can't come up with the rest,well... 如果不带来剩余的钱。。。

not an option. 没门。 偶稀饭这句,老外讨价还价的时候最后实在受不了就来这句了,呵呵。

what if we're just burning time? 如果我们只是在浪费时间呢?

you address me formal-like. 你要像在正式场合那样称呼我。

hoops is my sport. 我喜欢的是篮球。

i'm pretty clear on that,but the thing i can't quite figure is... 我搞不明白的是。。。

i want to do whatever i can to help you. 这句很客套。

not quite. 没有。

we have a cause. 我们有原因。

there's been an acceleration. acceleration=加速度 进展加速了。

i'm not asking you,man,i'm telling you. 我不是在求你,你必须这样。

you wouldn't be meddling in my affairs now, would you, scofield? meddling in=干预,管闲事

'cause you ain't a fish no more. no more=不再

i turned my back on him,because i didn't want to make waves. turn one's back on=背弃,抛弃;make waves=捣蛋,兴风作浪

my son's out there with a bull's-eye on his back.bull's-eye=靶心

you just magically show up like some knight in shining armor, ready to save the day...

who, unlike my father,is a scumbag criminal. scumbag=避孕套,卑鄙的家伙 终于让偶学到这个单词鸟,呼呼呼~~~

i said roll. 我说了滚。 学会这句,无敌了。。。

sara,to what do i owe the pleasure? 什么风把你吹来? 这句好强啊,理解不透居然是这个意思。。。

there's no going back now. 现在已经不能回头了。

you're overreacting. 你有点反应过度了。

i don't mean to shock you,paul. 我不想打击你。 注意这个用法!

positive. 肯定的答复形式。

cut the crap. 别说废话!

we're all grown man. 我们都是成熟的男人。

how about you give it to me straight? 不如你直截了当的告诉我怎么样?

i have a lot to attend to tonight. attend to=注意,照顾

i checked my balance online,it's looking seriously deficient. dificient=缺乏的,不足的

i'm going back into my office at the end of the day. 注意这个用法。

you're yesterday's news, john. 明日黄花,嘿嘿

lj. thank god. are you all right? no. i'm nowhere near it. nowhere near=远不及 这里前面lj老爸问儿子是否没事,儿子回答说一点都不好。

i'm not accustomed to making inquiries like this, but, i, uh.. be accustomed to=习惯于 后面要加ing形式

one of those people who are more concerned with other people's welfare than their own. concron with=关心;welfare=福利

you see, this is not a "me versus you" thing anymore. this is us, an "us" thing, all right? versus这个词如果喜欢玩格斗游戏滴一定很熟悉,以前经常是“**vs**”,发音就是versus,游戏里都省略了。

i mean, they clipped my wings. they want me to rot in here. so i got no allegiance to them anymore. yet you still want to do them a favor.
clip sb’s wing=钳制住某人;rot=腐烂;allegiance=忠诚

everything's under control. nothing is going to affect tomorrow. under control=被控制住 在胸有成竹,十分有把握的时候,你可以试着跟客人说这句,嘿嘿。



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